Disposable E-Cigarettes vs Rechargable Electronic Cigarettes

There are two basic kinds of e-cigarettes — disposable and rechargeable.

The rechargeable type have been around longer and are generally less expensive.  Blu rechargeable e-cigarettes come in a convenient pack sized case that contains the recharging unit and spare cartridges.  The also cost much less with a starter kit including 25 cartridges priced at $59.95.  25 cartridges is the rough equivalent of 150 cigarettes or 1.5 cartoons taking the adjust price per “pack” down to $3.99

The disposables are more convenient, aimed at casual smokers and easier to sell in bars and other locations where smoking has been recently banned, she said.

A Krave 500 disposable e-cigarette purchased at a Wichita tobacco shop last week cost $19.95.

It’s good for about 500 puffs, the equivalent of about 2 1/2 packs of regular cigarettes.  Do the math and currently disposable cigarettes cost around $8 / pack.  Pretty much the high end of cigarette costs around the country these days.

The disposable cigarette almost seems destined to target the relapsing smoker.  Hopefully a person determined to quick in a moment of weakness would choose the electronic alternative instead of purchasing a pack of traditional cigarettes.

Kansas House Bill 2221, which passed earlier this year and established the state ban, defines smoking as “possession of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or burning tobacco in any other form or device.”

E-cigarettes are more comparable to nicotine gum, patches or non-electronic smokeless cigarettes used as stop-smoking aids — which also are immune to the ban, said Gavin Young of the attorney general’s office.

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