How Do I Clean My Atomizer?

One of the important areas related to the care and handling of electric cigarettes is knowing how to clean the atomizer which is the device that converts the substance of the e cig into a fine spray.

The first step, and probably the most overlooked, is to make sure that the battery/atomizer adapter sites are and remain dry, clean and clear of buildup or fluid. They like any other electrical connection require care in order to continue performing at their highest level.

To clean these connection points take a smooth tissue which won’t tear apart or a lint free cloth and carefully and lightly clean in and around the threads that connect the atomizer to the battery. After making sure there are no tissue particles or random threads clinging to the connection use a new tissue or an unblemished part of the lint free cloth and lightly wipe the area around the atomizer’s vent hole. Make very sure that there is no material or liquid on the connection. With this done the atomizer’s cleaning is complete.

A different and more proactive method of cleaning the atomizer is to place it over a cloth with the battery connection up and then softly blow into the hole where the battery and atomizer couple. As this is being done there will be a soft gurgling sound as the extra liquid is clearing from the heating coil. While blowing pay careful attention so that saliva is not inadvertently forced into the housing of the coil. After every two or three breaths lightly rap the atomizer onto the tissue or cloth and if any fluid remains in the atomizer it will slowly begin to collect on the tissue. Repeat this process until the gurgling sound is no longer heard when someone is breathing into the connector. After completing this process, stand the atomizer up on a clean area of the soft cloth or on a clean tissue and allow any remaining liquid to continue draining down the wall of the atomizer.

Some people are in favor of pushing the corner of the tissue or a piece of the cloth up into the atomizer to soak up any left over liquid, however this could be difficult and problematic because some tissue particles or fuzz could inadvertently be left inside the house of the atomizer. It is probably safer and better to never put anything inside the atomizer.

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